Drinking station at Bard College

It has been a while again since the last post, but I am a busy person:) During the summer I finished my first drinking station in the USA.  A few days after the last touches a nice lady called “Hurricane Irene” filled it up with water. It was very ice of her, but I need to get all the water out, before I move it to its permanent spot. It will be at the Bard Compost and Recycle place. This is a rich area of birds: Turkey- and Black Vultures, Wrens, Cardinals, Titmice, Chickadee, Cat Bird, Blue Bird, Crows, Wild Turkey etc… ,but it is also a good spot to watch mammals too! I often see red fox, deer, raccoon, squirrel, chipmunk and ground hog. It is more than possible that coyote and black bear shows up sometimes as well! In the next few days I will set the station up and hopefully put a night motion camera on it! It will help me finding out about the traffic:)

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