Back from Japan / Visszajöttem Japánból

I had a wonderful time in Japan. The festival was very professional and amazingly well organized! Unfortunately I did not have a chance to go out to the nature because I was very busy with rehearsals and concerts. Maybe next time when I go I can visit the mountains.

Nagyon jól éreztem magam Japánban. Fantasztikus volt a fesztivál és nagyon profin meg volt szervezve! Sajnos nem jutottam ki a természetbe fotózni a rengeteg próba és koncert miatt, de talán majd legközelebb.

On the road inJapan


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  1. Kenn Finn said,

    August 27, 2009 at 8:38 PM

    Hi Janos, I finally had a chance to check out some of your nature pictures, very striking and beautiful, just like your trombone playing! I enjoyed meeting you and spending time at Bard. Stay in touch, Kenn

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